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This is my web log about the rebuilding of my 1962 Willys Jeep Universal, CJ5 Build.   First, I want to point out that I am not a mechanic, an auto rebuilder, body and fender man, welder, machinist, fabricator, or anything that comes close to being an expert in the area of jeep rebuilding or the sport of four-wheeling.  I’m just a regular guy with average mechanical skills and the usual back yard mechanic’s tools.  Just like many of you out there, I bought an old jeep with the thought of fixing it up.  One thing led to another and that’s where I’m starting this blog.  I’m hoping this blog will help me get organized on this project, while sharing the information I learn with the other average guys out there.

You will see other build threads out there that go into great detail on how to rebuild individual components like the transmission or the transfer case.  This is not one of those blogs.  As I mentioned above, this is intended for the average guy with average skills.  I don’t have the skills or the tools to rebuild a tranny or a transfer case.  Maybe you can say I’m just a hobbyist.  The intent is to disassemble, evaluate the individual major components, send out what needs to be fixed, and bolt stuff back together.  Hopefully it will all work in the end.  Maybe I will get a little creative and try and solve a problem in a different way.  But I hope to lean a lot in the process.

Most importantly, this is not a “restoration” site.  I don’t intend to restore this jeep to original specs.  This will be a resto-mod.  I will attempt to use components that work, while trying to maintain the look and feel of the original jeep.

Feel free to comment as you see fit.

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  1. I am not an expert on this stuff. I’m just a regular guy, learning as I go. However, there is a book called the “Jeep CJ Rebuilder’s Manual, 1946-1971: Mechanical Restoration, Unit Repair and Overhaul, Performance Upgrades for Jeep CJ-2A, CJ-3A, CJ-3B, CJ-5 and CJ-6 and MB, M38, and M38A1” by Moses Ludel. You can get it on Amazon for about $40. If you are just starting out trying to learn to maintain or upgrade your jeep, this is a really good place to start. Good luck.

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